Blackpoint, Collect, visualise and monitor data within your own IoT environment


Blackpoint makes IoT data accessible. The Blackpoint IoT platform provides real-time IoT data collection, visualization and analysis. The platform is simple to use, enabling organizations without specific IoT knowledge to get into IoT. Thanks to the Relay solution, it’s always optimally available to the end user.


The Blackpoint IoT platform is built generically so that every customer can configure their environment, no programming knowledge needed. By linking devices to the platform, reliable data and insights can be obtained. Allowing you to optimize (business) processes, discover trends and control machines remotely. By using the Blackpoint IoT platform, organizations are able to enrich their services, making the Blackpoint IoT platform indispensable for many organizations. The Relay hosting solution is the foundation for optimal use.


Blackpoint’s IoT platform has to process and store many data points simultaneously in a Big data ready database, which requires a scalable environment. A Kubernetes cluster with a NATS message bus is the solution for this. Different microservices are linked to the NATS message bus, each of which handles its own process. Think of a process for, for example, the event triggers, which can be set within the Blackpoint IoT platform. By setting up a process for this, it is possible to send a notification to the end user of the platform if an event is triggered.

Another point of attention was the large amount of data packets that the platform receives per second on the MQTT bridge. A solid caching mechanism is necessary to promote the speed of the platform. For this reason, Relay has added a redis database to the stack.


By mapping the platform and its context, synergy is possible between platform and hosting. The Relay solution makes the platform scalable and capable of handling many data points per second. This is more than 800 million data points annually! And that without compromising on the speed, safety and availability of the platform.