Circuit Zandvoort, The race to the Formula 1 in Zandvoort in 2020

Circuit Zandvoort

Circuit Zandvoort, known for its legendary races, fantastic atmosphere and unique location. The absolute highlight of the 2020 season is the return of Formula 1. Not only are many visitors expected on the circuit, the organization also expects a huge increase in the number of visitors online. Availability is a must and requires a Relay solution.


In the run-up to and during the race, a lot of interest in the circuit is expected from users all over the world. To meet expected demand for the website, Relay implemented a scalable Kubernetes-based hosting solution on DigitalOcean’s servers that have data centers worldwide.

Fotografie Ev. Safronov

Relay has been hosting the Circuit Zandvoort website for years, and this year helped Circuit Zandvoort with the preparation for this year’s arrival of Formula 1 at Circuit Zandvoort.


Relay realized a Kubernetes cluster for Circuit Zandvoort. The automatic upscaling and downscaling of nodes and compute resources makes it possible to respond quickly to large visitor flows. By using auto scaling, we can add nodes to the Kubernetes cluster of Circuit Zandvoort on the fly and remove them when extra capacity is no longer needed. Circuit Zandvoort only pays for the extra resources when it needs them.

In close collaboration with the developers of the platform, Relay migrated the Circuit Zandvoort website from a single web server to the new solution. Before going into production, Circuit Zandvoort’s hosting solution was subjected to extensive testing. Based on positive test results, we know for certain that the solution can take a beating.

We will continue to monitor the Kubernetes cluster at Circuit Zandvoort 24/7, so deviations are detected and remedied at an early stage. There is continuous coordination with the developer of the website to monitor the synergy between the two.


Relay can guarantee optimal availability of the platform by identifying it in time and providing proactive advice. Circuit Zandvoort is ready for this year’s big acceleration in online communication.