Royal Lemkes, European market leader in houseplants

Royal Lemkes

Royal Lemkes: European market leader in the distribution of plants. With 240 employees, the organization weekly processes thousands of orders from retailers all over the world. Optimal availability is a requirement to serve its retailers, which led to the collaboration with Relay.


Royal Lemkes’ webshop is visited from 34 European countries. More than 2,523 chain stores take advantage of the organization’s offerings, including IKEA, Praxis Jumbo and Aldi. The ordering system is the most important online sales channel for Royal Lemkes and is responsible for 1 million euros in orders per day. In addition to the platform being user-friendly, optimal availability is of great importance. Taking into account large volumes of traffic arriving on the platform.

A traditional hosting solution, a managed virtual server, did not meet these needs. The scalability of the platform also left a lot to be desired. Changes on the platform were difficult to deploy. In other words, the platform was in need of a new hosting solution.


Relay advised on the development of the platform and made a design for the hosting of the platform. An optimal synergy between the platform and the hosting solution is key here. Our consultants designed a highly available and scalable cluster: a Kubernetes-based hosting solution at DigitalOcean. Our engineers were responsible for the implementation of the solution as well as its management and maintenance.

Relay also designed the CI / CD pipeline together with the developers of Gravity. This has led to shorter lead times and better quality of the software.


The result is that the platform for Royal Lemkes is optimally available for its target group. Also, the platform is more scalable for the developers and the quality of the software has increased tremendously.