Vecore, mobility for the future


The shift from ownership to service use makes car sharing increasingly self-evident. Vecore enables car sharing for its users through a digital platform. Book, open and close the car you need using your smartphone, all driven by complex technology. For example, the platform collects a large amount of data from the car; its location, fuel, engine data, etc, making it possible to give the user the safety and security that they expect. Platform availability plays a key role in this process.


Vecore renews mobility, offering car sharing for fleet managers, lease companies and mobility platforms. Mobility is all about availability. Users should not only be able to reserve and open the shared car in a few simple steps. They must also be able to trust that the car is available at the desired time. The right hosting solution plays a crucial role in this.


To provide a suitable solution, Relay dove deeper into Vecore’s business and requirements. In addition to optimal availability, the degree of further development of the platform played an important role. It soon became clear that this platform requires a Kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean’s servers, creating a more manageable and scalable platform. Not only for the customer and the end user, but also for the developers. Relay managed the migration of the existing solution to the Kubernetes cluster.

To promote synergy between the hosting solution and the development of the platform, Relay also advised on the implementation of a streamlined CI / CD pipeline. Resulting in a standardized process for testing and reviewing changes to the platform, taking the quality of the platform to a higher level. To monitor this, Relay not only takes care of the management and maintenance of the cluster, but also actively contributes to the further development of the Vecore mobility platform and CI / CD process.


Availability is a major requirement for the success of the Vecore mobility platform. By offering the right hosting solution, Vecore can focus on growing and extending its platform and services.