24/7 monitoring for continuity and availability

Administration and Management

The availability of your platform is essential for the continuity of your organisation. Relay helps its clients achieve a high level of availability and supports them in the management of the risks that your platform may face.

Relay ensures that its clients’ digital platforms have the best possible configuration, which means it is able to guarantee the online availability of its clients. To achieve this, proper management, administration and maintenance are essential. That’s why we monitor your digital platform and its infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Active monitoring allows for the identification and elimination of any problems at an early stage, even before they become a threat to the continuity of your platform. In the unlikely event that an incident does occur due to external factors, we take appropriate action. In addition, we can use data to proactively advise you and identify any opportunities that present itself, making it possible to get the best out of the available technology.

We continuously identify opportunities and keep you informed about the latest developments. Together we take hosting your platform to the next level.