Architecture of a scalable hosting environment


From hosting high-traffic platforms to sorting out the infrastructure of big data platforms, our cloud consultants are there to lay down a solid foundation. We chart out the platform and its context while drawing on our extensive knowledge and expertise of the digital landscape.

In many cases, the developer responsible for the development of the platform is also responsible for hosting. This may sound logical, but it isn’t. Why? Because there is often a lack of knowledge and experience with the hosting environments that your platform needs both today and in the future. As a result, you run the risk that the platform’s infrastructure is not designed for scalability. It also happens that continuity and security are not taken into account. So your data may have been an important business tool at first, but turns into something that threatens the performance of your applications before long. Suddenly, questions like ‘Are we actually allowed to collect this data?’ ‘How do we structure all this data?’ and ‘How do we store it?’ become very much the order of the day. To put it succinctly, your organisation enters a new stage. ‘That’s how it’s always been done’ is just not good enough anymore. The possibility to scale up, continued development and the ability to stay ahead of demand – that’s what your platform really needs.

Effective solutions

Relay is independent. We’re not tied to a particular cloud provider or software vendor.

Our experienced cloud consultants will find a solution that is suitable for your organisation and your platform. Relay provides an effective link between application development and the infrastructure behind the platform, a type of integration that often leaves much to be desired. Relay safeguards the synergy between the two domains, providing clarity and transparency. We identify both opportunities and threats and keep you proactively informed.

By eliminating any uncertainties regarding hosting, we can guarantee the availability of digital online platforms and ensure optimal availability, keeping you right on track. In fact, for many of our clients we achieve this at an early stage during the development of the platform. But we can also be introduced at a later stage if necessary, even if you already have a cloud provider or IT administrator. Together we take hosting your platform to the next level.

Curious about the status of your platform or interested in how Relay can benefit your organisation? Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the options, no strings attached.