Perfect synergy between software and hosting


Our experience with technology goes way back. Once the infrastructure has been designed, our engineers can turn it into the most advanced solutions. They are always up to date on the latest developments and determine the best possible configuration for your particular platform, always striving towards a perfect synergy between software and hosting.

Based on the platform’s purpose, our consultants will have drawn up an outline of the required resources. It is then up to our engineers to incorporate the execution into an implementation plan and bring it to life. It goes without saying that we take traffic, scalability and security into consideration. We discuss this plan with our clients and developers of the platform.

We take the utmost of care when we implement the infrastructure of your platform. After all, every platform is different and requires its own solution and approach.

Since Relay takes up a clear position at its clients during the development of complex platforms, it is able to offer a suitable solution that truly meets the platform’s requirements. Our clients also engage Relay to deal with digital platforms for which the existing hosting solution does not suffice. In that case, our engineers ensure a seamless transition between the current and the new solution.

In both scenarios, it is imperative that your platform with our infrastructure is future-proof and available online and also that it can actually convert. This is only possible when the synergy between your platform software and its hosting is perfect. Your wish is our command!

Relay has experience with platforms such as DigitalOcean’s IaaS and PaaS platforms, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (Apps and Cloud) – all leading cloud providers that support the provision of effective hosting and application solutions.

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